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  1. robz32

    FS: 2x HKS SQV4 Blow Off Valves

    GLWS I may take them if you still have them three weeks from now.
  2. robz32

    Looking for 500 whp

    SSR is no longer making the intakes
  3. robz32

    Danny5's GT1 BluBeri

    It's fun. It's just reserved for certain occasions ;)
  4. robz32

    Danny5's GT1 BluBeri

    It is also known as the brake snip switch @Yusri Sharifuddin, it basically cuts the signal from the brake pedal to the ECU allowing you to build more boost while on launch control, and will also allow for wheel spin as the traction control is off.
  5. robz32

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    +35mm is 5mm too high and will stick out for a 10, I'd wager a +40mm will sit just right.
  6. robz32

    Is this any good?

    I highly recommend the SXTH Element Engineering one. Excellent quality, plug and play, and looks awesome. They also have a dual set up too. I've been using mine for more than a year and it catches a lot of nasty stuff. https://www.sxthelement.com/SXTHElement-33TTSCC-p/16-08-701.htm
  7. robz32

    Exhaust Thread

    @mjsteelega thats great to hear. Any photos for reference. Need to do this soon.
  8. robz32

    Trailing arms and toe links

    Any updates @Sean R ?
  9. robz32

    SLD Selling borla exhaust

    User has not logged back in since Dec 2018. Closing this thread.
  10. robz32

    Trailing arms and toe links

    Looking forward to your review and photos of the new parts.
  11. robz32

    SLD Selling Boral S-Type Exhaust $750 ($1150 new)

    User has not logged on in more than a year. I am closing this thread and marking it as sold.
  12. robz32

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    That will work.
  13. robz32

    Tubi-Style problem

    When you change the mode through your phone, does it open/ close the valves? If it does then it could be that the remote needs to be paired/programmed again with the box. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. robz32

    FS Deleted

  15. robz32

    Trailing arms and toe links

    Great find! Definitely on my list of mods
  16. robz32

    SLD MBRP Aluminum Catback $400

    Any sound clips?
  17. robz32

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    It might, but then the wheel is going to stick out too much and it will run against the fender. A 40mm offset will work on the rear. The main problem with such high offset on the front is the size of caliper, it is pretty big, therefore it will rub against the back of the wheel.
  18. robz32

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    the width of the wheel is too much, and the offset is too high. Your problem is the combination of both of those variables, not tires. Also a 255 tire will be too narrow to fit a 10" wide wheel, you'll have crazy amounts of stretch, you need at least a 275-285 tire.
  19. robz32

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    that offset will not work for the front especially on that width. Rear will be okay.