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Consistent limp mode


New Member
So I have had the Lap3 Pro Tuner for my GT for a while now and I frequently get 3 error codes (2 at a time) in Modes 1-3. It will be either P0045 and P259F or P0045 and P259E. This is usually after getting on the gas once or twice or even just revving the engine in park/neutral. When my car goes into a limp mode I will generally only be able to build 1/3 - 1/2 of the boost in any mode. Sometimes if I let my car sit overnight the codes will reset and the problem will go away while the majority of the time I can turn the car off and on again and still have the same issue for 3-4 days in a row. I have checked for leaks and the such and there's nothing leaking along with no bad wires to the boost solenoid. I'm getting aggravated at this point and would like to think the ECU tune would cure this.

Mods for the Lap3:
AEM intakes
IMR full kit
HKS plugs
Borla exhaust