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Ongoing Alignment Issues

Memphis, TN, USA
I have a 2017 G80 that I bought Certified Preowned. I bought it 3/22/19 with 59,000 miles. As of today, 11/5/19 (7 months) it has 67,000 I’ve had to have it aligned 5x’s and gone through 2 sets of tires, as well as additional, unrelated issues resulting in the car being in the service department every month I’ve owned it. I was able to locate and haven spoken with the previous owner who informed me that the rear end differential had been replaced on this car as well as 2 alignments and 2 sets of tires. I did not know this when I purchased it from the dealership and in TN because they are not obligated to disclose that information. Has anyone else had any ongoing alignment issues with their G80? Was the dealership able to fix it and if so, what was causing it?