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Proud 2018 G90 3.3TT AWD Owner


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United States
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2018 Genesis G 90 Premium 3,3TT AWD
After turning in my well-loved 2015 Hyundai Genesis that I had leased for $ 320 a month (!), I spent several months searching for a its replacement online. After looking at the revised Kia K900, the Jaguar XF, the BMW 8 series, and the Lexus LS, I bought a CPO 2018 G90 Premium AWD with 24000 miles on the clock in May of 2021 in Danbury Connecticutt, even though I live just north of Asheville, NC.

I searched for the cheapest one-way airfare I could find and ended up flying from Asheville to Sanford/Orlando, then to Newburgh NY on Allegiant for less than $100. I arrived in Sanford after 11 pm, and couldn't get a taxi or Uber to a motel, so I ended up trying to sleep in a very uncomfortable chair at the Sanford airport until 5 am, in time to check in for the 7 a.m. flight to NY.

My "auto procurer" (salesman) picked me up at the Newburgh airport and drove me the 40 miles to Danbury, where I checked out the car and signed all the paperwork. I then proceeded to drive back to NC in my new wheels.

I had 2 unfortunate occurences on my way home, probably due to lack of sleep: after getting off Interstate 81 in Roanoke, VA to get gas, I ran over a concrete curb in a dark parking lot, tearing up a heat shield and an under cover panel. The car still drove fine, but t cost me about $400 to replace the parts after I got home.

Then, at 3 in the morning, less than 30 miles from home, the TPMS light started flashing on the IP, and the air pressure in one tire started falling rapidly. I was basically in the middle of nowhere, but luckily there was an exit off I 26 a few miles later, and I found a well-lit gas station parking lot to change the tire in.

Just for poops and giggles I tried pressing the roadside assistance button on the rear view mirror, but nobody answered the phone after several tries. I had already decided that I didn't want to wait for hours for someone to show up to change the tire, but I thought I'd give it a try just to see what they'd say. To be fair, Covid was still raging at the time, but I learned not to expect too much from the Genesis roadside assistance hotline.

I also learned that a mini spare tire in the trunk is way better than the fix-a-flat kits many new cars (including the '23 G90) now come with. Danbury Genesis had put 4 new tires (and new brake pads and rotors) on the car to prepare it for sale as a Certified Pre-Owned car, and my basically new tire had a 1 1/2" gash in the tread that a can of tire sealant couldn't have begun to plug. I still have no idea what I ran over in the dark, but the Kuhmo tire had a road hazard warranty and I got the replacement tire at no cost to me.

After that inauspicious start, my ownership experience has been stellar. I've put 18000 miles on the car in 19 months, and the only repairs I have needed have been to replace the parts I damaged under the car, and to have the front grill radar cover replaced under warranty.

The car feels like it's made of billet steel with not a single rattle, squeak, or groan, there's plenty of room in the back for my 2 enormously tall teenagers, the 3.3 gets up and boogies when I put my foot into it, and overall it's a pleasure to own and drive.


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2019 stinger GT1
Welcome & congratulations